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TZ360 Unified Messaging Voice Mail Application & System

Application Introduction:

TZ360 Unified Messaging System is a PC based interactive voice response messaging application for Windows.

This application is ideal for any regular house hold, small, medium or large businesses for there unified messaging needs.

People can leave voice messages on assign voice mail boxes and mail box owner can retrieve there messages remotely by any phone.

Application is very expandable, light weight and can be connected to any SQL database supporting ODBC.

TZ360 Unified Messaging System application is capable of performing the following activities:
  1. It can perform its duties as an auto-attendant and people can leave unlimited voice mails
  2. It can email the received voice mails in wave format to the email address of the mail box account owner
  3. It logs all the inbound call information: Caller name, Caller Phone & time stamp
    1. It also has zap capability and can zap calls from:

      1. User maintained call zaplist
      2. 1-800-numbers
      3. 1-866-numbers
      4. 1-888-numbers
      5. Blank ID calls

  4. It is capable of line conversation recording
  5. It is also capable of line forwarding and forward incoming call to the predefined call forwarding number
  6. Mail box owner can also setup mailbox configuration remotely using any phone.
    1. User can login to the system using his private password and can perform the following activities:
      1. Change login password
      2. Change password retries count
      3. Change default activation ring value
      4. Change greeting delay value
      5. Record personal greetings
      6. Add phone numbers to Zaplist
      7. Delete phone numbers from Zaplist
      8. Enter call forwarding number
      9. Enable/disable zap Blank ID calls option
      10. Enable/disable 1-800-number calls option
      11. Enable/disable 1-866-number calls option
      12. Enable/disable 1-888-number calls option
      13. Enable/disable call line recording option
      14. Enable/disable Call Answering Machine option
      15. Enable/disable Call Forwarding option
      16. Listen to voice messages remotely (under development)
      17. Delete voice messages remotely (under development)
      18. Restore deleted voice messages remotely (under development)

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